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Our help center, frequently asked questions (FAQ), contains all the questions frequently asked and offers you answers. We enrich it regularly to allow you to save time by finding explanations. If you do not find the answer to your question, we invite you to contact us via the form available at the bottom of this page.

Step 1 : Place your ad

  • Place an ad to rent or your property, it's 100% free even for real estate professionals. Create my ad !

Step 2: Request to rent or buy

  • The person interested in your ad contacts you to reserve the location or make an appointment to visit the property.
  • A future tenant clicks on the online reservation button on the showcase sheet which presents locations. A virtual visit video can be added on the page.

Step 3: Contract, handing over the keys

  • The landlord meets the tenant to have him sign the rental contract and give him the keys and the beeper. The rental starts !
  • For Premium Club members :
    • The tenant pays the first month's rent and a possible deposit online to reserve a pitch (the payment is secured by Paypal on the owner's account, the club does not take any commission).
    • The parties sign the rental contract that can be customized online from our platform. The electronic signature is certified.
      The landlord sends the access information with beep and key. Either during an appointment on the spot or via a postal sending by followed letter.

The advertisement is a brief presentation of a property, the showcase highlights it. It is necessary to be a member of the club to highlight an ad. The showcase is better referenced on the internet, you can even activate options so that your future tenants book online without bothering you. You will receive the payment of the first month's rent including or not the deposit on a Paypal account belonging to you. In a second step, you will receive the completed and signed rental contract in your email box. To activate the service, click on the Toolbox tab in the menu at the top of the page. Click on the Rental Management button and then on the Online Reservation button in the rental section and let us guide you !

There is no limit on the number of ads you can publish. However, you are not allowed to duplicate an ad for the same property. If you have several lots of properties located at different geographical addresses, you can publish one ad per lot.

To post a classified ad, click on the I'm a landlord tab in the menu at the top of the page, then click on Post an ad. If you are logged in to the member's area, click on My toolbox. You will find the Submit an ad button in the Landlord section. You must follow and fill in the posting form. Choose carefully the title of your ad and add pictures to make it attractive. You will receive an email when your publication is validated by our moderators.

Real estate professional or large owner, you can place your ads on our site. Contact our team by adding as an attachment a Zip or Excel file containing your list of locations and the photos to be published. The time to put your ads online will depend on the number of properties to publish.

Write the right text to quickly rent or sell your property. The Internet is full of parking lots, garages, or boxes for rent or sale; that's why you have to distinguish yourself from other classified ads and not copy them from one site to another. To know more about it.

Knowing how to estimate the selling price or the rent of your property is very important but for that some parameters come into play. You must know the specificities, advantages and disadvantages of your property. To know more about it.

You must be logged in to the member area to edit an ad, click on Toolbox. You will find the Manage my ads button in the Rental management section. You can modify all the fields and photos before republishing it. Your modified ad will be validated by the moderation team within 24 hours. Edit my ads.

We invite you to check the format of the photo you wish to add to your ad which must be PNG or JPEG. This problem can also be related to your internet speed or to the size of the photos, we invite you to reduce the size of your photos or to upload your photo from another computer.

The certified status allows visitors to be reassured about the seriousness of the person they are dealing with. This guarantee of seriousness is guaranteed by the CIPG club rental team. To obtain this certificate, you must be a member or ✨ Premium member of the club.

There is no limit on the number of listings you can showcase. However, you are not allowed to duplicate a listing for the same property. If you have several real estate properties located at different geographical addresses, you can highlight one ad per lot.

Enhancement for an unlimited number of spaces is available in the member pack at 6 € per month. To activate the additional services of online reservation, credit card payment and online lease signature, you need to upgrade to Premium ✨ status at 10 € per month.

An ad is no longer current, the advertiser has confirmed that it is no longer available. You can report an ad by clicking on 🚩 Report button located in the ad concerned. At the bottom of the page, you must click again on the red flag 🚩, give the reason for your report and then click on Report button.

If you are logged in to the member area, click on Toolbox. You will find the Manage My Ads button in the Rental Management section with a button to delete your ad. You can also contact the team to delete your ad.

Have you thought about looking in your junk mail folder, the contact via our announcement module is automated and the mail servers sometimes consider them as spam. Add our email address to your address book and add us to your white list. In a second step, check the phone number indicated when editing your ad.

Have you looked in the other sections of our help center using the submenu ? If you haven't found the answer to your question, want to report a bug or submit an idea for improvement, leave us a comment using the form at the bottom of the page. We will reply as soon as possible !

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