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Our club operates on the principle of sharing experiences. We must constantly find new members in order to diversify our contents. That is why we offer a very attractive membership program to grow our community.

Earn money by becoming a club affiliate partner

Being a CIPG affiliate means benefiting from significant financial advantages, while avoiding the classic disadvantages associated with affiliation. You simply direct your contacts or site visitors to our platform and we take care of the rest. The concept is simple : I share content to make the club known and I collect my passive income !

    The social networks where you will make known our club : Friends and acquaintancesFacebookYoutubeTwitterLinkedinInstagramPinterest

    Because we do things right, the administrative team and the club’s moderator validate your membership application. We consult your site and the social network pages on which you wish to promote our club. Then, the webmaster of the site gives you access to our platform and accompanies you to publish your first contents.

    Benefits of our affiliate program

    The big advantage of our affiliate program is that there is no payment threshold to reach. In addition, several tracking systems are set up to guarantee you total transparency. As soon as we receive the payment of a membership fee validating the registration of a new member; we look at the origin of this visitor. If this visitor knew our club thanks to you, a commission will appear on your affiliate dashboard.

    Attractive incomes, 30% commission on non-subscription packages and 40% on subscription packages :

    • 21 € commission for non-subscription membership at 72 €,
    • 19 € commission with subscription membership at 48 €,
    • Win 48 € commission for Premium ✨ membership with subscription to 120 €.

    FAQ : affiliate program

    How to integrate a banner on your website

    Copy the code located in the grey insert next to each graphic style to integrate a banner on your website. Paste it where you would like to display the advertising for our club on your site. Warning : don’t forget to replace the red X with your ID number which you can find in your profile information. It is this number that allows us to identify the origin of each visitor and to pay you correctly !

    How do I integrate links on my social network pages

    You can share all the public pages of our website on your social networks. Simply add a specific code with your ID number to create links. You need to add the code located in your dashboard after the page URL. Warning : don’t forget to replace the red X with your ID number that you can find in your profile information. It is this number that allows us to identify the origin of each visitor and to pay you correctly !

    How do I integrate a membership payment button on my website

    The best solution to optimize your revenues is to integrate payment buttons on your website. Visitors pay the club membership fee from your article or website. Thanks to the implementation of the remote payment module, you will receive an email for each confirmed payment and your conversion rate is multiplied by 5. You can contact our webmaster to set up a membership button on your website.

    How can I validate the functioning of my affiliate links

    You can contact our webmaster to do a validation test on each affiliate link put online. Our team will help you to overcome every difficulty and set up your affiliation as quickly as possible.

    I don’t have a website to promote, how can I do it

    You do not have to own a website to participate in our affiliate program and earn money. There are several ways to promote our club. For example, you can chat with your friends or acquaintances at parties. Ask people if they invest in real estate and just talk about the parking niche. Give a link to our site with your affiliate tracking code, if they join our club you get your commissions !

    Another idea is to contact people who manage websites and propose a partnership. Some sites want to publish content for their readers, let’s write together an article presenting the club and put your affiliate ID in the link redirected from the partner site. For each visitor who joins the club, you receive a commission.

    From your dashboard, you send presentation emails to your acquaintances. If one of your acquaintances joins our club you will receive a commission thanks to the identification by email address.

    How do I collect my affiliate revenues

    Your commission appears on your dashboard once we have received payment from your visitor. Once the legal withdrawal period of 14 days has passed; your visitor has not cancelled his membership then the commission is validated and you can withdraw it.

    Your validated earnings are displayed on your personal dashboard. Click on the withdraw my commissions button for a transfer to your Paypal account.

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