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The dedicated support and assistance section of the tenant’s area contains all the questions frequently asked when renting a parking space, garage, box, cellar, storage space or premises. You will find on this page everything you need to know before, during and after a rental. If you do not find the answer to your question, I invite you to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

To know before you rent

Do I have to sign a rental agreement to rent a site ?

ℹ To rent a storage unit, a rental agreement is mandatory. To protect you and the contents you are storing. Signing a lease for a parking space or garage is not mandatory. Since parking properties are governed by the civil code. Nevertheless, it is strongly advised to draw up a rental agreement with the owner ; in order to protect both parties in case of a dispute and to define the obligations of the tenant and the owner. You can submit our free rental agreement template to your landlord if he or she has not provided for this.
The landlord fills out and writes the rental agreement. The lease is read and approved by the prospective tenant and signed in duplicate by both parties.

Some clauses are considered abusive and therefore prohibited :
– Authorization to deduct the rent from the tenant’s salary,
– Imposes the payment of the rent by direct debit on the current account,
– Engages the collective responsibility of the tenant in case of degradation of the common parts,
– Interfering with the free use of the property: prohibition of the use of an elevator or a main staircase,
– Imposes an insurance company on the tenant for the subscription of a contract,
– Charge fees for cashing checks, reservation fees or closing the file.

When a rental agreement mistakenly contains an abusive clause, it is considered void. This means that the tenant does not have to comply with it. Nor does he or she need to bring an action to have it rescinded since such clauses are deemed non-existent.

A landlord is free to draft and attach an inventory of fixtures even for a parking lot.

We remind you that when the lease is signed from a private individual to a private individual, the law does not allow the landlord to charge the tenant for this act. If you are renting from a company or a real estate agency, a fee for drawing up the lease is sometimes applied.

What documents do I need to provide to rent a parking lot, garage, cellar or storage unit ?

ℹ As a general rule, landlords most often require tenants to have an income greater than 3 times the amount of rent and charges for an apartment. The advantage for a parking lot is that the monthly rent is very often low. For a furniture storage, the prices are generally higher since the service sometimes includes an insurance and additional security options. Nevertheless the main criterion for an owner who chooses a parking tenant remains solvency.

Here is a list of additional documents that your future landlord may ask you for:
– Proof of identity (ID, passport or driver’s license),
– Proof of address (EDF receipt or tax statement),
– Three last rent receipts for your home. If you are a tenant or a certificate from your landlord,
– Certificate from the previous landlord indicating that you are up to date with your rent and charges,
– Last property tax notice or, failing that, a title deed for your main residence,
– A copy of your employment contract (fixed-term or permanent),
– Copy of the professional card for a liberal profession,
– Any recent document proving the activity for other professions,
– A copy of the last two or three pay slips,
– Proof of payment of allowances, pensions, social and family benefits and allowances received during the last three months,
– Proof of income from property, life annuities or income from securities and movable assets.

In accordance with the legislation in force, do not provide any documents that could infringe on your privacy; for example:
– Your bank statement,
– A copy of your marriage contract or a certificate of cohabitation,
– A copy of your marriage contract or cohabitation certificate, An extract from your criminal record.

Remember that a parking lot landlord must ask you to provide the following documents after signing the lease:
– Copy of the vehicle registration certificate to prove that you are the owner,
– Proof of insurance with a company against fire and civil liability.

Don’t forget that a landlord of a storage unit must ask you to provide the following documents after signing the lease:
– Copy of your identity card,
– Proof of insurance with a company against fire and civil liability.

The law prohibits, under penalty of law, discrimination based on race, religion, political opinions, morals or sex of the applicant. Similarly, an unscrupulous tenant who provides forgeries is subject to criminal penalties and the landlord may take legal action to cancel the lease.

What is the security deposit ?

ℹ The security deposit is a sum of money given to the owner by the tenant at the signature of the lease. It allows the landlord to protect himself against damage or unpaid rent. Contrary to rental contracts for housing, the amount of the security deposit is not capped for parking lots. This deposit is kept by the owner during the whole rental period. It is reminded that the landlord has the right to collect the security deposit. In most cases, this amount corresponds to one or two months of rent. Plus the possible cost of an access beeper that opens the automatic door of a common parking lot. There is no legal requirement to pay a security deposit; it must be expressly provided for in the rental agreement.

The security deposit can in no way be considered as an advance on charges or rent. The total return of the security deposit must be made within a maximum period of one month from the date of departure of the tenant. The owner can make a partial or total deduction on the deposit; if there are unpaid rents or charges, as well as if he noticed deteriorations imputable to the tenant. In co-ownership, the landlord can keep part of the security deposit until he receives the annual statement of charges. In the event of significant damage, the landlord has the right to ask the tenant for a supplement. It is reminded that when the security deposit has been returned to the tenant; it definitively stops the accounts and implies a renunciation of any subsequent claim.

What are the rental payment conditions ?

Payment by bank transfer :
This method of payment may be convenient for your landlord, some club members allow their tenants an additional 5 days to set up a wire transfer. This arrangement must be specified in writing in the lease agreement. The wire transfer must be made to your landlord’s account, except in the case of a contract signed with an intermediary clearly identified in the lease agreement.


Payment in cash :
It is strongly discouraged to pay your rents in cash, you will be poorly protected in case of litigation.


Payment by credit card or PayPal :
By the due date indicated on the rental lease for payment of rent.
Your landlord must have a specific account to receive credit card payments. Remember that some banks charge a fee for this type of payment.

⚠ Beware of money order scams :
Fake landlords may ask you to send money by money order to reserve a rental. Under no circumstances should you send money by money order.

What is the procedure to follow with my insurance ?

ℹ If you rent a covered parking space, the condominium is insured; nevertheless, you must present your landlord with proof of insurance for the parked vehicle. Moreover, our collective strongly recommends that you ask your insurance company if you are covered in case of a fire caused by your vehicle, which would automatically engage your responsibility. If you rent a garage or a box to park a vehicle, you must ask your insurance if your home contract covers the use of a closed garage or have it added to the contract.

In the case of a storage space or furniture storage, you must take out specific insurance to be well protected in case of a problem. It is also possible to insure the value of the contents to obtain a better reimbursement. In most cases, you will be able to attach a storage unit to your home insurance policy (if the surface is less than 30 m² which corresponds to more than 60 m3). Adding this option to your home insurance policy will cost you less than the insurance offered by the storage facility.

In the case of commercial or professional premises, civil liability insurance in the name of your company is mandatory. It is also customary to take out a contract to insure the contents and value of your goods. This insurance is revalued each year according to the evolution of your turnover.

How many m² for a storage unit, furniture storage ?

ℹ It is very important to choose the right size of storage unit. A storage unit that is too small will not be suitable ; conversely, if it is too large it will increase your expenses. Here are the steps to follow to determine the right space :

  • Make a list of what you plan to store: furniture, appliances, things that represent a large volume and that cannot be dismantled.
  • Estimate the number of boxes to store in the storage unit.
  • Choose the optimal surface with our storage space size guide available by clicking here. It will help you estimate the amount of space you need.
You offer an online booking service, can you explain it to me ?

ℹ If your owner has activated the online booking module for his pitches. You will be able to book your pitch directly online from our website and make a payment by credit card. This payment will be made directly to the account of your landlord and our club does not take any commission or fees. Afterwards, you can sign the dematerialized rental contract directly on our website. Your landlord will contact you to arrange an appointment for the handover of the keys.

How do you know when one of your locations becomes available ?

ℹ We suggest that you add yourself to our waiting list. As soon as a parking space becomes available, you will be informed by email or by phone. To add yourself to our waiting list, go to the showcase page of the location you are interested in and leave a comment with your contact information. This comment will not be posted publicly but the owner will be informed of your need and will contact you as soon as a space becomes available.

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ℹ If you haven’t found the answer to your question, want to report a bug or submit an idea for improvement, leave us a comment using the form at the bottom of the page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible !

What you need to know during the rental

How do I contact my landlord ?

ℹ The quickest way to contact your landlord is to use the phone number or email address listed on your lease.

How do I open an automatic door if my transmitter doesn’t work ?

ℹ All automatic doors have a manual opening system with a crank.

ouverture manuelle porte automatique
ouverture manuelle porte automatique
ouverture manuelle porte automatique
ouverture manuelle porte automatique
ouverture manuelle porte automatique
ouverture manuelle porte automatique

1). Go to the automatic door and take the crank.
2). Locate the electric motor that opens the automatic door.
3). Lower the cover to access the hook for the crank handle.
4). Insert the crank handle into the hook provided.
5). The lights indicate that the automatic door is in manual operation.
6). Turn the crank handle to open the door and exit your vehicle.

Once the maneuver is complete, remember to remove the crank and close the access cover so that the door closes automatically.

What should I do if my parking remote control no longer works ?

ℹ In most cases, you simply need to replace the battery in the remote control. To do this, you must open the access door located at the back of the remote control. We remind you that the maintenance of the remote control battery is the responsibility of the tenant. If replacing the battery is not enough, you must ask your landlord for another remote control. For our tenant customers, we can replace the remote control battery for you. In the event of a failure, your landlord will arrange to provide you with a new working remote control as soon as possible; please note that you may be charged for these services.

I lost my pedestrian access key to my parking lot or garage, what should I do ?

ℹ You must apply to your landlord to receive a new pedestrian access key. For our tenant clients, we will do our best to provide you with a key as soon as possible; we inform you that you will be charged for this service. Another solution for a common access is to contact the syndic who manages the condominium in which your site is located, to purchase a new key.

What should I do if a vehicle occupies my parking space ?

ℹ As a first step, try to cordially contact the owner of the vehicle in question. Explain that a lease agreement states that this space is assigned to you, and therefore he or she does not have the right to park here. If you can’t find the owner, leave a note on the windshield. Our members’ renters can report this problem to us by giving us all the information concerning this vehicle and its owner. We will then try to help you to solve the problem amicably. In case the situation does not improve, we will advise you on how to approach the competent authorities.

Can I sublet my parking space ?

ℹ You must check the clauses and conditions of your lease, it is often stipulated that you cannot sublet. In case of problem in the co-ownership, the syndic will contact the owners who will have to know their tenants; if the place is sublet it will be difficult for the owner to answer his obligations. We propose a model letter, validated by our legal expert, which can help you in this process with your landlord.

I broke a part of my garage door

ℹ If a part of the automatic door is broken, if you are in a condominium, the repair will be the responsibility of all the owners. If a part of the garage door you rent is broken, you will have to repair it. The best solution is to do the work yourself to reduce your expenses. We have prepared a list of replacement parts to repair an overhead basculante, sectional, sliding garage door.

When can I store things in my garage ?

ℹ The rule is sometimes stated in the condominium bylaws, you can ask your landlord. The legislation that comes into force is the fire regulations. It is very simple, storage, furniture storage is FORBIDDEN when a garage is located in a parking lot located underground or under houses. Even if an owner authorizes it in case of fire your responsibility could be engaged. So don’t take any risks ! Click on this link to learn more…

Another tenant wants to exchange his place with mine. We have the same landlord, can he force me to change ?

ℹ No one can force you to change your parking space, as long as your location is clearly identified on your rental agreement. If your landlord wishes to change your parking space without your consent, he or she will have to break the lease between you in accordance with the termination provisions of the lease.

If the spaces are not assigned by a number system or clearly identified in the lease agreement, you will need to enter into discussions with your landlord to retain your space.

I have received a demand letter

ℹ A demand letter is not a reminder or warning for non-payment of rent. For your landlord, it is the beginning of a procedure to recover funds. You have 15 days, in most cases, to pay the sums due to your landlord. After this period, the courts will take over, with the intervention of a bailiff, compensation for your landlord, etc… The tenant who is late in paying has more to lose than to gain, we strongly recommend that you pay your landlord.

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ℹ If you haven’t found the answer to your question, want to report a bug or submit an idea for improvement, leave us a comment using the form at the bottom of the page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible !

Ending the lease

How do I terminate a lease for cause ?

ℹ Legitimate cause is an extenuating circumstance established by law that allows for termination of a lease. It is an unforeseeable fact such as :
– death,
– long term hospitalization,
– disability or serious illness,
– overindebtedness,
– loss of employment,
– moving house,
– imprisonment.

You can download our sample letter of termination of a lease for a legitimate reason on our website.

How do I terminate a lease that is automatically renewed ?

ℹ Tacit renewal refers to a legal mechanism whereby a lease is automatically renewed at the end of its normal term unless one of the parties stipulates otherwise. This renewal does not involve any formality. It is renewed for a period identical to the one initially chosen.
You can download our model letter to terminate a tacitly renewed rental contract on our website.

My landlord terminated my lease

ℹ Your landlord must have a good reason for terminating your lease. The most common reasons are :

  • imprisonment.
  • no payment of rent or recurring late payment of rent or utilities,
  • the owner wishes to recover his property to sell it or to rent it to someone else (only in the case of tacit renewal of the lease),
  • you have not respected a clause in the rental contract.

Failure to pay rent may result in the termination of a lease and entitle the landlord to compensation. If the landlord takes legal action against you, you may have to pay bailiff’s fees and court costs in addition to the amounts owed. In this case, your landlord has sent you a notice of default to inform you of the non-payment of the rent and to give you a deadline for payment. We invite you to remain vigilant about paying your rent on time.

Another parking space would suit me better, is it possible to change ?

ℹ If another space becomes available and you want to take advantage of it, you can find an agreement with your landlord. A new lease will have to be established, negotiate it without any fees if you go through a real estate agency. You will be able to change places at the beginning of the month following your request.

I couldn’t find the answer to my question…. 😕

ℹ If you haven’t found the answer to your question, want to report a bug or submit an idea for improvement, leave us a comment using the form at the bottom of the page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible !

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