Investing in the real estate niche

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Why invest in a real estate niche ?

Good investors don’t put all their eggs in one basket. You need to diversify your investments (bank, life insurance, stock market, property, etc.) to earn maximum income. Investing in property is always the first step in building up a solid portfolio. The advantage is that there are many different types of property : paper property, flats, commercial premises, offices, rooms in retirement homes, launderettes, car washes, warehouses, car parks, garages or lock-ups.

Fortunately, there are a number of niches that can be exploited to build up a solid and lucrative estate. For some time now, there has been an explosion in the number of websites on the Internet. All touting the benefits of investing in the property niche of car parks, garages, boxes and warehouses. There’s no secret about it: there are plenty of arguments to convince you :

  • low initial investment,
  • virtually no maintenance costs,
  • the law in favour of the owner,

All this, combined with anti-car campaigns in major cities, has led to an explosion in the parking market. Unlike residential property, the day-to-day rental management of a site is very simple indeed, and there is no risk of tenants breaking the concrete. Buying a niche property means making a profitable investment with a high potential rental yield.

7 preconceived ideas about the property niche

  • The market has already been tapped and the niche is saturated. FALSE, did you know that there are several types of investment linked to car parks ? Here are a few ideas : garages, boxes, leases, cellars, warehouses… Here are a few sectors of activity linked to this product : parking, furniture storage, luxury vehicle storage, motorhome and caravan winter storage…
  • Profitability is nil, there’s nothing to sell on the market. FALSE, it’s precisely because garage lots offer good rental income that there are few properties for sale on the market.
  • There’s no profitability, there’s nothing for sale on the market. FALSE, it’s precisely because garage lots offer good rental income that there are few properties for sale on the market. Rental income is lower than for traditional property. But they multiply more easily and the gross/net ratio is very close. It is precisely because of this received wisdom that people who inherit a lot of garages will sell it for a derisory price. Which will make a well-informed investor very happy.
  • Garages are expensive. FALSE, of course, if you compare garage price trends over the last 10 years, a batch of garages sells for a lot more. Inflation in the property market explains current prices. At the moment, it’s very attractive to take out a loan to invest in this niche property. A garage lot doesn’t have to be expensive. It all depends on the risk / return ratio and the actual cash flow of the property selected.
  • There are a lot of scams. FALSE, there are no more scams in this niche than in real estate in general. You need to be wary of ads that are too tempting. Overconfident sellers and bizarre garage lots that break with traditional patterns.
  • I’m going to lose money. FALSE, if you take the time to understand this niche sector, you won’t lose money – quite the opposite ! Lots of garages are regularly resold because buyers are ill-informed and don’t know how to optimise their investments.
  • There are a lot of unpaid rents. FALSE, the rent is much lower than for a flat. You won’t have any problems if you follow our advice. Choosing your future tenants carefully and setting up automatic payments are two keys to success.
  • Town councils are driving cars out of towns, it’s a dead end. FALSE, since the big cities have been campaigning to reduce the number of cars, rental demand has exploded. Don’t forget that every pitch can be used for purposes other than parking cars! Did you know that more cars are sold today than 10 years ago ? Some experts are worried about the future parking shortage in certain towns and cities.

Get informed

⚠️ Beware of scams 📢

There are currently many parking space scams, our community was the first to raise the alarm.
Discover our detailed investigation as well as the advice of lawyers to avoid the traps of malicious sellers. If you have any doubts: ask the community your questions. Read more…

Big city vs Small town

Investing : big city versus small town

Making your first investment in one or more parking spaces requires a detailed study of prices and the geolocation of parking spaces. Parkagence and CIPG have joined forces to help you. Read more…

Toiture en fibrociment risque de présence d'amiante

Asbestos cement roofing: take extra care !

Lots of garages from the 60s and 70s are currently up for sale. The ageing owners prefer to sell rather than continue to use them. These old buildings have fibre cement roofs that may contain asbestos. Read more…

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What are the standard dimensions of car park or garage

We’ll look at the different sizes of parking spaces and garages for each type of vehicle: car, motorbike, scooter, camper van and caravan. We’ll give you two ideas to boost your yield. Read more…

Peut-on entreposer des affaires dans son garage ?

Storage : can you store things in your garage ?

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t store everything you want in every garage! With the explosion in storage spaces and furniture repositories, everyone wants to rent to earn money. Read more…

préparer les sortie de crise Covi-19

How to succeed in overcoming the crisis linked to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) ?

You know the saying: one man’s loss is another man’s gain. This saying is very difficult to hear at a time of global tragedy and pandemic. Life is cruel and the reality of things… Read more…

Case studies

Lot de 80 garages à vendre

An opportunity to become an annuitant

We present you with a lot of 85 garages that could allow you to give up your job ! This lot offers you the chance to generate € 5,000 gross income per month. Read more…

Entrepôt sur Coutouvre 42

A crazy project by some club members

When an investor succeeds in several projects, he becomes greedier and thinks big. Christopher is certainly a member of the club that specialises in diversifying investment strategies. Read more…

Lot de garages à Décines-Charpieu

16 garages for sale, analysis of this lot

The property in question is a block of 16 garages for sale. To invest in a plot of garages, you need to ask the vendor for a copy of the current rental contracts. Read more…

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Strategies, business models

parking en concession amodiation

Investing in a parking space in concession, emphyteutic lease

Profit : 💰💰⚫️⚫️⚫️ | Risk : 🔴🔴⚫️⚫️⚫️ | To invest, you need to explore all avenues. When it comes to parking, we haven’t yet looked at buying a parking space under a concession. Read more…

collocation moto parking

Investor strategy for dividing a car park space

Profit : 💰💰💰⚫️⚫️ | Risk : 🔴🔴🔴⚫️⚫️ | Dividing a parking space consists of transforming a parking space initially dedicated to one car in order to accommodate several tenants in the same parking space. Read more…

boxage, boxer place de parking

Transform car park space into closed box

Profit : 💰💰💰💰⚫️ | Risk : 🔴🔴🔴⚫️⚫️ | Boxing a parking space consists of transforming a parking space into a closed garage. Depending on the location of your space, you will need to add partitions. Read more…

Argent vérouillé

Discover 9 other strategies our members use 🔐

Profit : 💰💰💰💰💰 | Risk : 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 | Unlock other strategies by joining the CIPG club for just € 5 incl. VAT per month. Join the club…


Explanation of profitability simulator

Simulator for calculating property yields and profitability

Our simulator for calculating pre-purchase yields lets you find out quickly whether a property is worth buying. The net annual yield on a property is calculated by taking into account all charges and taxes… Read more…

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How can the CIPG club help you ?

Our club is based on a unique concept dedicated to sharing and helping each other. You can benefit from the experience and sound advice of others to help you succeed in your property projects.

I’m new to real estate and have lots of questions

ℹ You’re probably looking for an additional source of income that doesn’t require too much effort. A profitable investment with a low initial outlay. All the members of our team have stumbled into the property niche of car parks, garages, cellars, warehouses, hangars, commercial premises, etc… Property bargains offer the best returns on investment on the market. They enable you to generate alternative income and build up assets to prepare for your retirement or pass on to your children.

Many people are afraid to invest for fear of making a mistake, losing money or not being up to the job of managing a tenant. Making a rental investment can sometimes be complicated. These fears are perfectly understandable, as all the investor members of our club have been there… Our club provides you with the answers and advice you need at every stage of the process, so that you can feel confident about your investment.

➡ You’ll start your adventure by learning about the property niche. To learn how to find the right deals by alternating advice and exercises thanks to a personalised dashboard. Investor reports and real-life case studies will help you discover the French, Parisian and provincial markets. The community shares with you tips for mastering this niche property sector. You’ll discover the profiles of several investors, so you can understand and stand out from the competition that has sprung up as a result of the car park craze. You can take part in conferences and webinars to discuss your property search with other members. The forum will also allow you to get other members’ opinions before buying a property, and to share your experiences, fears, etc…

As you can see, there’s no limit to the amount of support you’ll receive, from the search to the signing at the notary’s office, and we’ll adapt our support to your expectations, thanks to the community ! Once you’ve bought your first property, your support will automatically evolve to owner level.

If you’re looking to become a homeowner in the next few months, we recommend you choose Premium membership ✨. This package offers you comprehensive support and access to experts in the property niche who are already homeowners. Bonus content completes your knowledge and gives you the tips that the best investors use.

Experienced investors, diversify your property portfolio

ℹ If you want to expand your property portfolio in the coming months, we recommend you choose Premium membership ✨. You’ll start your adventure with the investor dashboard, which allows you to diversify your assets to learn how to get out of your usual business model. Discover the different strategies that members use and develop other business models. Various modules will provide food for thought on how to improve your income and tax situation. You can take part in conferences and webinars to talk to other investors and get valuable advice. You can also use the forum to get other members’ opinions on how to boost your sources of income. The annual club membership fee is deductible from your tax on property income if you are subject to the real estate tax regime or own a company.

Once you’re an entrepreneur with several profitable locations. You can develop other strategies to make even more money; the only limit is the one you set !

How can I get advice before buying a property ?

ℹ We only respond to club members on solicitations of this type. Member status allows you to share projects with other investors in different ways :
▪ Contact the team by email, only 6 people have access to this information.
▪ Leaving a message on the club’s forum, the best solution for receiving opinions from experienced investors in the community.
▪ Request a webinar session to exchange views with members by videoconference.
Premium status ✨ allows you to exchange by contacting one or more niche experts.

In all cases, don’t forget to include photos, a description and any performance calculation tables. A precise and detailed request gets more responses.

Is there a limit on the number of exchanges with the community ?

ℹ No, there is no limit. You can open as many topics as you like. Our community is based on the exchange and sharing of information between investors and landlords. The more active you are on the exchange platform, the more feedback and opinions you’ll get from other members.