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The discussion forum is the community’s gold mine !

To make a successful investment in car parks, nothing beats the experience of others. This is the best way to make sure you are not mistaken before investing, exchanging and asking for advice! Our training modules offer a solid basis for understanding the parking real estate market but when you are faced with a property for sale you will necessarily need to talk with experienced people and this is where the forum comes in to allow you to go further.

If you already own one or more sites, the forum offers you the opportunity to discuss in complete serenity on the strategies to put in place to boost your rental income. Discuss discreetly to find solutions to your rental problems and use the group’s advice to manage on your own.

Why don’t I have access to the community forum yet ?

Investing in parking is a real estate niche that can cost you a lot of money if you are misinformed. Our objective is to have quality information with maximum detail, which is why we limit access to members of the collective only. The membership fee of $ 5 per month, payable in one single payment for 12 months of membership, makes it possible to sort out the real interested parties and the curious ones who want to waste time on the community. If you don’t want to invest a little money to join a group then you will never buy a property…