How to fight against moisture and humidity in a garage

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Do you have a waterproofing or humidity problem in your garage ? First, if you are a tenant, we recommend that you install a moisture absorber. Count only about twenty euros to absorb some of the moisture and protect your boxes.

Moisture is in the walls

We note on the real estate market that garages built in the 60s to 80s are generally semi underground. At the time, builders did not systematically apply a layer of tarred plaster to protect walls in contact with soil.

First, you must remove dust and then wash the walls with bleach to remove mold. Then use expansive foam to fill any holes and cracks in the walls. We recommend that you drill a hole in the wall to add a ventilation grid communicating with the outside to encourage airflow. Apply a first thick coat (about 2 mm) of waterproofing plaster to cover the humidity of the blocks. Allow to dry for 24 hours before applying a second coat on the wall.

In the event of a major storm, water can enter your garage and cause residual moisture. One solution to this problem is to use an adhesive sealing strip around the garage door.

Comment lutter contre l'humidité dans un garage

Moisture rises through the ground

If your garage floor is dirt, don’t be surprised to find a damp garage. The only real solution is to pour a concrete slab, start by dishing out the ground. Level four 20 cm high wooden blocks and seal them with cement. Apply a layer of pebbles to a thickness of 10 cm, then dame the ground to solidify the pebble.

Place two wooden rulers on the studs and adjust them with a spirit level. Pour about 10 cm of concrete and level with an aluminium ruler while moving back and forth. Finish the operation by pouring cement instead of wooden rules. To obtain a beautiful finish, smooth the slab with a concrete float.

Comment bétonner un garage

💡 Did you know that ?

As strange as it may seem, spiders are the best indicator available to diagnose garage humidity… They like healthy places to build their nests, look at wet garages: the canvases will all be high up in your room. On the other hand, in a healthy garage, you will also have canvases downstairs…

Why carry out work to fight against humidity in garages

  • Prevent your customers from leaving because of the humidity that destroys the boxes,
  • Eliminate unpleasant odours due to water infiltration,
  • Increase the rental value of your property,
  • Improve service to your tenants and the quality of your garages,
  • Increase the real estate value of your garages in the event of a possible resale.

What are your tips to fight against the humidity in your garage ?

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