Storage rental contract for cellar, garage or storeroom

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A model of furniture storage lease for renting storage space

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Rental lease specifically dedicated for furniture storage in a garage or storeroom, subject to the provisions of the Civil Code.

Validated by our legal expert, this document consists of 8 pages including 27 clauses in order to protect the lessor ; while allowing the rent to be revised according to the reference indexes published each year. The file is available in PDF format, an editable version in RTF format is available for Premium Members ✨. You can use this template under Windows, Mac or Linux. This document template is free for members or available for 4,50 €.

In practice, how to use this furniture storage rental lease

The rental lease allows to contractualize the conditions of provision of a storage space, furniture storage. It protects both the tenant and the landlord. The rental of a cellar, garage, box or room depends directly on the civil code. It is not a legal obligation to sign a lease for a parking space, although it is highly recommended.

💡 Did you know that : A future tenant who refuses to sign a rental agreement is someone who will cause you problems. It is better to refuse a lease than to risk renting without a contract.

Explain each clause of the contract to your tenant

It is very important to explain each clause of the lease to your tenant. Take the time to read the entire lease for your future tenant. The civil code provides for the partial or total cancellation of a contract if one of the two parties shows a misunderstanding. Reading the lease also allows you to emphasize the important clauses concerning late payment or the risks related to storage and/or furniture storage.

Pre-fill the lease to save time

Take the time to pre-populate the rental agreement. The owner-lessor section includes your contact information, you can also fill in the storage space designation section. The ideal is also to prepare the lease with the coordinates of the future tenant, this tip helps the person to project himself.

Take stock of the complementary parts

The future tenant is interested in your location. All you have to do is give him the list of rooms to be provided to establish the rental contract. You can slip the employer’s certificate into the documents to be provided if you wish.

A bad payer always finds a good excuse. If your future tenant is unable to provide the certificate, don’t get emotional and find another tenant !

Tips to have a valid contract

Join our community to find the advice of our lawyer so that your rental contract remains valid in all situations !

We have created two alternative versions of this rental agreement. The first one allows you to split the rental of a parking lot; that is, to rent a space to two tenants at the same time. For example: put one tenant during the day and another during the night. The second model is free, it is dedicated to car parking.

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