Year in review, 2020’s projects : Club manager’s word

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I hope you had a great holiday season. The entire club team joins me in wishing you all the best for the new year. In this difficult context, I wish you that the year 2020 will bring you many good things and a lot of additional income !

The year 2019 : the arrival of new modules

First of all, I would like to thank you for your continued support of our club. The year 2019 has been rich in development at the level of our platform. We have taken into account your feedback to improve our site. It is while preparing this report that I realized all the work done by the volunteer team in one year. Congratulations to the CIPG team !

Evolution of our community

What a joy to see that our club’s growth has been increasing over the years. Each new meeting brings new topics that feed the platform. We end the year 2019 with 2 000 members and a total of 1 300 rented locations. Our membership grew up. The real estate assets of our members will increase by 5 % in 2019. We have 280 pages of advice on the platform and 191 messages on the forum. Each member is the owner of his pitches, the club does not receive any income from your rentals.

Major developments during the year

  • Opening of the Premium ✨ member status to better help you multiply your passive income,
  • Simulators to help people who want to invest,
  • Document templates for landlords,
  • Enhancement of the ads with the creation of showcase card,
  • The online reservation service,
  • Payment by credit card for your tenants free of charge, learn more…
  • Online rental management module, learn more…
  • Online accounting management module, learn more…
  • Addition of a summary in the articles to save time by going to the essentials.
  • New help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, en savoir plus…

How the investor club will evolve in 2020

The club’s policy for 2020 remains the same as in previous years. To help members voluntarily to invest in the real estate niche of car parks, garages, storage rooms, boxes, cellars and warehouses. Simplify the rental management of members who already own property and help them on a daily basis.

💡 Did you know that : The investor club operates on a win/win model. Each member receives help and shares his or her experience with the club. All membership fees finance the evolution of our platform.

Membership fee maintained, annual budget change for 2020

What happens to my membership fee

I confirm you the maintenance of the annual fee of $ 60 € ($ 5 per month) to be a member of the club. Giving you access to the member area, the forum, the training modules to buy your first parking spaces and even to our online rental management. The status of Premium ✨ member dedicated to owners remains at $ 117 per year ($ 9.75 per month). The member status Platinium💎 will be available soon. Check this page if you need help to choose the status that best suits your situation.

As a reward for your loyalty, club members now receive a 20 % discount for automatic membership renewal. This subscription can be stopped at any time you wish.

The 2020 budget is changing to better accompany you. The portion of your contribution dedicated to advice remains at 82 %. I have decided to reduce the club development portion from 14 percent to 8 percent. This item is dedicated to advertising to promote our group. I increase the share of the platform’s operating costs from 4 to 10 % to support future developments that I will present to the members below.

A nice gift in 2020 with the online rental management and accounting modules

The arrival of the online rental management and accounting module is one of the major events of the previous year. Faced with strong demand, the module is now open to all properties (studio, furnished, local, building, seasonal rental, etc.). We’re going to end up making a renter’s club 😄.

For the year 2020, I have decided to extend the restriction on the number of tenants based on your membership status. The member status allows the management of 3 properties and tenants instead of one. Premium ✨ members see the limit increase from 10 to 15 properties and tenants. The member status Platinium💎 remains totally unlimited.

The online accounting management module is operational and allows you to track your accounts and export them in Excel format. You can manage an accounting follow-up by property. Either 3 accounts for member status, 15 for Premium ✨ members and unlimited for Platinium💎 members. It is now possible to import your Excel files into the module.

You have less than 4 tenants to manage ? Choose the Member status. Manage your properties without agencies in a few clicks for only $ 60 per year ($ 5 per month).

More content for club members

The platform is full of information but we still have a lot of new investment opportunities to explore… Even if the level of member satisfaction is excellent, we can still do better!

We will improve the module dedicated to owners. The dashboard and training to boost my rental income (included in the Premium package) is our workhorse for 2020. As a proof, some team members have already started discussions with the specialized lawyer who will help us on the legal module of the training.

Team expansion

As you know, our club is booming. If you are interested in giving some of your time to the community, I would be happy to welcome you to the team. Feel free to answer the survey below, being a member of the team brings a lot !

What are your passive income targets for 2020 ? Are we going to have the pleasure of counting you among the members of the club ?

THANK YOU, for your many e-mails of encouragement and support. It is thanks to you that our community has become the benchmark for investment in car parks, garages, boxes, storage rooms, cellars and warehouses !

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