Review of the year, plans for 2019 : the word of the Club manager

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I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. I wish you all the best for this new year and wish you all the best for a successful year in your real estate investments. Hopefully 2019 will be your year !

In 2018 : the great turning point

The year 2018 will remain in our memories as a major turning point for our investment community as we have passed the 1000-member mark, and I thank you for your renewed confidence and loyalty. Since its launch in 2013, our collective has grown from year to year, with a cumulative experience of 811 locations to date.

The membership renewal rate is currently 94%, we lost a few members this year. The experience of previous years shows that the majority of members who leave us return the following year to deepen their knowledge, learn more and share their experiences with other members.

After 5 years of existence, I had the pleasure to discuss with the members on the vast subject of “how to improve the community website? “That’s why in July 2018, I decided to reinvest all the member fees, i.e. $ 5.960, to create a new website with a new look, more design, more up-to-date, easier to use, more pleasant to read, with of course equivalent content and improvements in the quality of service.

I would like to warmly thank the entire CIPG team, made up of 11 very active members, for their investment and involvement.

On a personal level, the year 2018 was very rich in twists and turns : a professional situation change with new commercial challenges within a dynamic SME and almost every weekend spent doing work in the warehouse that I acquired with a Philip using a compagny. I must also write several articles to explain how we started the wintering activities for motorhomes, the storage of furniture storage and soon the assembly of garages for the arrival of luxury cars. Fortunately, my other locations, acquired over the last 5 years, work perfectly without taking up much time.

Most active members in 2018

Let’s warmly congratulate Fred, most active member of the year who wins a $ 20 gift voucher ; not to mention Tayler in second place who wins the $ 15 voucher and Patricia who will receive a $ 10 voucher.

How will the community evolve in 2019 ?

Thank you for your continued support and regular use of our platform. The community main objective is to help members to earn money by investing in parking real estate while simplifying meetings and exchanges. 2019’s objective is not to serve the interest of a single person but rather that of the community.

We are going through a transition period in the first months of the year with the migration from the old website to the new one. I know you are looking forward to discovering our new platform, but I must admit that the scope of the task is enormous. It is true that the content accumulated over the last 6 years is enormous. I am aware that it is not very pleasant to navigate between two sites, rest assured that we are doing our best to make the new exchange platform available to you as soon as possible.

It is true that the team members and I are a little too perfectionist, we spend a lot of time working on the details of the new site. My wish now is to focus our efforts on transferring content to the new site so that it can be launched soon.

I am very happy and proud to lead this community of investors and owners. THANK YOU, for your many emails of encouragement and support, it is thanks to you that our community has become the reference for investment in parking lots, storage and garages.

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