Parking Garage collective becomes CIPG

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Why this change ?

Since September 1, 2018, the Parking Garage collective has become CIPG : the Club of Investors in Parking lots and Garages. It has now been 6 years since our community was created. Our progress is such that we had to do something. Indeed, this year again we welcomed 30% more members, which is why I decided to stand out. With almost 100 investor members, our community needs to evolve to better meet your expectations and support you in your projects.

It is high time to reinvest the money from your contributions in good use. The members of the club’s team did not take any holidays this summer, to prepare you for the brand new platform for exchanges !

What will change for you ?

The functioning of our community remains unchanged whether you are a first-time user or already an owner. All the content of the old platform is updated, you will have some reading to do…. All your favourite modules (forum, webinar, announcement, etc…) will evolve to meet your needs.

Your personalized support will improve to optimize your chances of success. We will introduce a new status of premium members, with the aim of giving you privileged access to unpublished and confidential content. The membership fee remains unchanged, still $ 5 per month for the basic offer. Only the distribution of your contribution will change since we will reduce our operating costs and consequently increase our development.

The old logo of the Parking Garage collective will remain in some of the documents you give to your tenants. The objective is to avoid having the word investor appear on the header.

The new functionalities of the exchange platform :

  • A new website and forum with a more fluid design that has been updated,
  • Optimized navigation on all modules for mobiles and tablets,
  • It is now possible to send us files as attachments from the contact form,
  • No more problems with receiving messages with the extension,
  • The advanced search module is directly linked to the site’s search bar and adapts to your access rights,
  • Simplified download procedure for sharing documents with the community,
  • Addition of new documents validated by our legal expert,
  • New window displays to highlight your parking spaces for rent. With the possibility of taking reservations online and charging your tenants by credit card. A follow-up of your tenants’ satisfaction with the management of their opinions.

Feel free to share your ideas for improvement with us !

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