ERNMT diagnosis to rent or sell in France

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What is the French ERNMT risk diagnosis

A french law, relating to the prevention of natural and technological risks, requires a diagnosis on property owners in France. The latter has established this document on the State of Natural, Mining and Technological Risks (ERNMT also called ERNT). The objective of this document is to inform future buyers or tenants of the different risks present in the area or the commune where a property is located. Every landlord is obliged to provide an updated risk diagnosis. The problem is that this document must be less than 6 months old to be considered as valid…

diagnostique ernmt

💡 Did you know : The ERNMT diagnosis must be compulsorily provided when selling a property, even for a parking lot, garage, cellar or storeroom.

What must the risk document contain to be valid

There is an official document to fill out that you can create online and download from the official website of the French government, the ERNMT diagnosis is considered valid as soon as it contains the list of natural disaster decrees recognized by the commune where the property is located. This diagnosis is completed with a declaration of previous compensated disasters. Then all the available maps allowing the location of the property and the risk prevention plan present in the municipality.

To obtain an ERNMT diagnosis on the official website of the French government, you need the cadastral number of the property as well as the name of the seller, owner registered with the tax authorities.

Inform your tenants of past losses

If you own a property in France, you must inform your tenant if the rented property has already suffered a natural, mining or technological disaster. In the same way of any other disaster having given place to the payment of an allowance. The objective is to explain all the risks to your tenants so that each one can take out the necessary insurance. This information can be added to your lease or on a separate sheet of paper attached to your rental agreement.

You will have understood, the problem for the owners of a parking space or a garage is ? The turnover of tenants that can quickly cause you problems and cost you money !

💡 Did you know : The ERNMT diagnosis must be provided to your parking space tenants. This new constraint for lessors taints the return on a parking lot or garage.

According to the law, you must provide it to your tenants. But for a parking lot or a garage, the turnover can be important and you will spend your time to fill this document… In practice, few parking tenants receive the ERNMT diagnosis. You must be careful if your property is located in a seismic or flood zone. In these two cases, it is better to provide it to your tenants!

How to make a quick and free ERNMT diagnosis

Valid for 6 months, here is a nice trick to earn money and establish a free diagnosis ERNMT. Go to the government site that manages the communes of France. Download the file : Fill in the official document based on the information related to your commune. It’s long but it doesn’t cost you anything !

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