Earn money with your internet purchases

The Internet commerce sector is still growing. You are certainly part of the majority of French people who make online purchases. But are you familiar with the principle of cash-back? Some sites offer you to earn money as soon as you make a purchase on the web with discount coupons, promotion codes or by refunding part of your purchases.

How a cashback website works

Online shopping sites use many methods to sell more and more. From advertising to increase traffic, to promotions and discount codes. It is in this last category that a cash-back site comes into play. By offering discount codes or refunds on purchases made. To explain in detail, a merchant site will pay another site for any registered sale. Cash-back sites make money from your purchases on the internet. They give you some of it back: it’s a win-win principle ! Nobody forces you to buy on the net, if you are an online shopper, cash-back can be very useful for you ! We advise you to register for free on iGraal, you will even receive a welcome gift of $ 3 :

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