Winter storage rental lease for motorhome and caravan

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Lease model for winter rental of motor homes and caravans

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Lease specifically dedicated to the storage and wintering of motor homes or caravans, subject to the provisions of Civil Code.

Validated by our legal expert, this document consists of 8 pages including 28 clauses in order to protect the lessor; while allowing the rent to be revised every year. The file is available in PDF format, an editable version in RTF format is available for Premium members ✨. You can use this template on Windows, Mac or Linux. This PDF template is free for club members or available for € 3.99.

In practice, how to use this motorhome winter rental lease

The rental lease allows to contractualize the conditions of provision of a storage space, wintering of motorhome, caravan. It protects the tenant as well as the landlord. The renting of a parking space to winter a motor home or a caravan depends directly on the civil code. It is strongly recommended to sign a rental contract even if there is no legal obligation.

💡 Did you know : It’s better to refuse a rental than to risk renting without a contract. A prospective tenant who refuses to sign a rental agreement is going to cause you problems.

Explain each clause of the contract to your tenant

It is very important to explain each clause of the rental agreement to your tenant. Take the time to read the entire lease agreement for your future tenant. The civil code provides for the partial or total cancellation of a contract if one of the two parties demonstrates a misunderstanding. The reading of the lease also allows to insist on important clauses concerning the delay of payment or the risks related to the wintering of motorhome and caravan.

If the lessor parks his customers’ vehicles himself, a part of article 14 should be crossed out, as follows: “The lessee is solely responsible for the handling and supervision of the goods parked on the site”. In this case, articles 18 and 24 of the rental agreement must also be crossed out.

Duration of the lease the strong point of this type of contract

The market of the storage, guarding and wintering of motor home, caravan is in full explosion. The warehouses are often full and the owners of motor homes or caravans have difficulty finding a place. When the demand is higher than the offer, the lessors are in a strong position. We advise you to stay within the market prices, at the risk of having a big turn over of tenants. If you offer month-to-month rental contracts, you will receive income from November to March and have empty spaces the rest of the year, which means a very big loss of income. You should refuse to rent by the month and start with a minimum of one year, guaranteeing your tenant to keep his place from one year to the next.

Pre-fill the lease to save time

Take the time to pre-fill out the rental agreement. The landlord part includes your contact information, you can also fill in the designation section of the wintering space. The ideal is also to prepare the lease with the contact information of the future tenant, this tip helps the person to project himself.

Take stock of the complementary parts

The future tenant is interested in your location. You just have to give him the list of documents to provide to establish the rental contract. You can include the employer’s certificate in the documents to be provided if you wish. A bad payer always finds a good excuse. If your future tenant is unable to provide the certificate, don’t feel bad and find another tenant!

Tips for having a valid contract

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