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The name Warren Buffett certainly doesn’t ring a bell. Did you know that at more than 80 years old he is known and recognized as the biggest investor on our planet? We are going to present you his method to help you better invest on a daily basis.

warren buffett

The man of a thousand accomplishments

In his personal professional life, everything works out for this businessman and investor of American origin who is nicknamed “the oracle of Omaha”. He has been one of the richest men in the world since the beginning of the 21st century. The most cited example is the purchase of his family home. Purchased $ 31,500 in 1958, it is estimated today at more than $ 265,000. The advantage of real estate is that the value of a property will change over time according to several parameters, it is a bit the same with parking lots and garages some will increase in value and others will not. His company Berkshire Hathaway after 50 years is now worth billions of dollars. Mr. Buffett is involved in the finances of very large, world-renowned companies (Coca-Cola, IBM, American Express, Apple, etc.).

A method within the reach of any contractor

« Over the years, I have often been asked for investment advice. My regular recommendation has been a low-cost fund » writes Mr. Buffett. With a low upfront investment the investment in parking real estate meets this advice. He goes on to explain that the most important thing in business is to avoid risk, so we’ll use a few quotes from Warren Buffett throughout this article to help you understand his investment approach to parking real estate : « Risk exists when you don’t know what you’re doing » ; the important thing is to understand how an area of business works before you get started. We have recently revamped our site, so the first chapter includes studies and analyses of the parking and garage market to help you understand the risks.

« Be aggressive when others are fearful. » The fewer buyers you have for a product, the more room you have to negotiate. You will therefore have the chance to make a good deal and a nice capital gain. With this in mind, we launched a major study of investor profiles in the market. To enable you to understand which types of parking lots are ignored by buyers and thus take advantage of them. Member of the club, you can consult the report of this study from the exchange platform.

« In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield ». In other words, don’t go into areas of new technology for which you have little return. This means a higher risk than for an older investment that has already demonstrated the quality of its return. The stone sector is a safe investment for which it is easy to consult past returns and thus reassure yourself. This is why we have created our community and a forum for investors to discuss and share their experiences. The other chapters of our site follow the same logic to give you a maximum of information on rental management, risks and tips to boost your profitability, all while controlling your taxes.

How to deal with difficulties

Warren Buffett answers this question by saying, « If you ever find yourself in a sinking boat, the energy to change boats is more productive than the energy to plug the holes ». You will have understood it, if you have made a mistake, don’t persist, sell ! Each type of investment is not for everyone. So learn and talk to people who have experience in each area. In conclusion, we invite you to analyze successes as well as mistakes. That’s why our exchange platform gives you real and concrete information to explain. It also allows you to understand the difficulties that car park and garage owners encounter on a daily basis and how they cope with them.

Finally, don’t forget Warren Buffet’s two golden rules : « Rule number one: don’t lose money; rule number two: never forget rule number one ».

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