2017 report a word from the club manager

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On behalf of the entire Parking Garage collective team ; I wish you and your loved ones a happy new year 2018 ! Each beginning of the year announces the traditional good resolutions. You will take the time to take stock of your wishes, your dreams, your investment projects, additional income or financial freedom. In 2018 we will concentrate our forces to help those who really want to buy one or more parking lots, first purchase or expansion of assets will be our leitmotif !

The year 2017 has been a very rich year of rebounds. My main objective was to grow the investor community to enrich the exchanges, the contents of the site and the member area. We will have to focus on animating this beautiful group and allow each investor to grow. As you know from the video conference replay, some of them have great projects. We will follow them to train you by sharing more and more information from our experiences. This year again, I am also one of the lucky buyers of parking lots.

Realizing the crazy project of acquiring a warehouse through a company with associates. The idea is to do several activities that you will soon discover in a new module dedicated to warehouses 😉

The tools for success and investment in car parks and garages

I’m sure you know this proverb from mechanics : “to succeed, you have to have the right tools”. I realized that the majority of you use less than half of the site’s functionalities ; I invite you to read about the different tools that will help you invest in 2018 !

Top 3 most active members in 2017

Warm congratulations to 🥇 Tony, the most active member of the year who wins the $ 20 gift voucher ; not forgetting 🥈 Tayler in second place who wins the $ 15 voucher and 🥉 Oliver G. who will receive a voucher worth $ 10.

The new modules for the coming year

Knowing, understanding, knowing, communicating and exchanging are the essential needs of investors. In order to better educate you, we will further expand the information in the different categories. The forum will become more and more important as the months go by. As will the community module that allows you to geolocate members and promote regional meetings between investors. We will also set up motivational modules to accompany you and reassure you before you buy. The members’ area will have a new menu dedicated to your training according to your personal objectives with concrete exercises.

It is now possible to search the entire site, including protected content. The new advanced search module has been available since the end of December. Click on the “search” button in the top right-hand corner of the menu bar.

The module on companies is currently in the validation phase by experts in the profession. The objective is to give you access to all possible variants. Family company (the best known), entrepreneurial company with less than 5 partners (more difficult to master, we are currently drafting an appendix concerning the choice of your partners) then the so-called commercial company with a large number of partners.

This is the real question to ask yourself in 2018, are you a dreamer or an investor who is going to take the plunge ?

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