Photovoltaic solar panels to boost your income

Installing photovoltaic solar panels on your roof What is photovoltaic energy ? Photovoltaic panels generate electricity from the sun’s rays. Photovoltaic cells made from silicon transform sunlight to create a direct current. An inverter transforms the direct current into alternating current. The electricity produced can be used locally or fed into the electricity grid. Advantages … Read more

Is it necessary to attend the general meeting of co-owners ?

Property that is not jointly owned is always more popular with investors, because it’s easier to make decisions on your own. Unfortunately, many properties are governed by co-ownerships. The majority of large developments are governed by co-ownership trustees. Not all owners understand the benefits of attending general co-ownership meetings. In this article, you’ll find out why you risk losing money by staying at home !

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How to estimate the sale price or rent of a car park ?

Knowing how to estimate the sale price or the rent of your car park is very important, but for this reason a few parameters are important. Indeed, each car park has its own specificities, which complicates the estimation and makes the study difficult. This step is essential to have a good positioning on the market in order to find the right tenant or buyer.

It is necessary to define the specificities and the advantages of your location :

You must understand that the price depends on the market, more precisely on local supply and demand. This differs according to the particularities or characteristics of the site to be rented or sold.

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How do you boost your rental yields ?

Owner of 7 parking spaces and garages, Christophe explains how he has boosted his rental yields with a few tips. In this article, we will present his rental strategies that really work.

Why did you seek to boost your rental returns

I am lucky to have found good deals that allow me to get a very good return on investment. The Platinium members 💎 of the club can see my accounting results from the exchange platform. Some members have come up with great ideas to make more money legally. So I looked at my situation and thought about a strategy to further improve my rental income.

What’s the first trick you’d like to share with us

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